It might be worthwhile to recall what we learned in this course:

Some things we did not cover

What I hope you learned

I hope you got an appreciation for cryptography, and an understanding of how it can surprise you both in the amazing security properties it can deliver, as well in the subtle, but often devastating ways, that it can fail. Beyond cryptography, I hope you got out of this course the ability to think a little differently- to be paranoid enough to see the world from the point of view of an adversary, but also the lesson that sometimes if something sounds crazy but is not downright impossible it might just be feasible.
But if these philosophical ramblings don’t speak to you, as long as you know the difference between CPA and CCA and I won’t catch you reusing a one-time pad, you should be in good shape :)

I did not intend this course to teach you how to implement cryptographic algorithms, but I do hope that if you need to use cryptography at any point, you now have the skills to read up what’s needed, and be able to argue intelligently about the security of real-world systems. I also hope that you have now sufficient background to not be scared by the technical jargon and the abundance of adjectives in cryptography research papers, and be able to read up on what you need to follow any paper that is interesting to you.

Mostly, I just hope you enjoyed this last term and felt like this course was a good use of your time. I certainly did.