Contact Information

The best way to contact me is by one of my email addresses, see below.

Email: . For Harvard related mails (apart from DUS), please use Any emails related to my role as DUS should be sent to
Please use or for reference letter or manuscript review requests respectively. (emails to these addresses are forwarded to my main inbox, but are also tagged appropriately so I don't lose track of them. Emails to the reference address are also forwarded to my faculty coordinator.
Office hours and appointments: See below for my office hours, use this page to schedule an appointment.
Physical Location: Office 329 (third floor) in Maxwell-Dworkin Hall, 33 Oxford Street, Cambrdige.
Mailing Address: Professor Boaz Barak, Maxwell-Dworkin Hall suite 329, 33 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.
Administrative assistant: Evelyn (Evie) Santana-Nola, Pierce Hall Room 208,
Phone: (617) 496-1537 (I prefer email)

Office hours

My availability for office hours is below. All my office hours take place in my office - room 329 in the MD building. I have both drop-in office hours, and office hours by appointment, which you can easily self schedule on your own.

COVID-19 update: Starting March 18th, I will be working remotely as part of Harvard’s (and the world’s) efforts to suppress COVID-19. See Harvard’s FAQ and specific information for CS undergraduates. All my office hours will be held remotely via zoom. The defaults are listed below, but if you’re in a different time zone and need to schedule some other time please contact me.

Use this page to schedule an appointment with me. You need to be logged in to Google to use this page. You can schedule slots in multiples of 10 minutes (for a longer meeting, just schedule several slots). To cancel a meeting just delete it from your calendar. If none of these times work out, please contact my administrative assistant Evelyn (Evie) Santana-Nola at

For DUS related queries, please use the email make sure to look first at this FAQ