Name Pic Role Contact and office hours
Boaz Barak Boaz Barak Instructor
Salil Vadhan Salil Vadhan Co-instructor
Gabe Abrams Gabe Abrams Education Tech
Juan Perdomo Juanky Perdomo Head TF
Mark Goldstein Mark Goldstein TF (extension)
Chan Kang Chan Kang TF (extension)
Aditya Mahadevan Aditya Mahadeva TF
Brian Sapozhnikov Brian Sapozhnikov TF
Gabe Montague Gabe Montague TF
Jessica Zhu Jessica Zhu TF
John Shen John Shen TF
Juan Esteller Juan Esteller TF
Karl Otness Karl Otness TF
Katherine Binney Katherine Binnery TF
Stefan Spataru Stefan Spataru TF
Susan Xu Susan Xu TF
Tara Sowrirajan Tara Sowrirajan TF
Thomas Orton Thomas Orton TF

Depending on enrollment we might have extra TF slots. See here if you want to be a TF in this course.